Sub Day: Into the Black Contest

Just sent off a story to the Economic Security Project’s Into the Black contest, which is for speculative fiction stories based around universal basic income. UBI is the prompt: “In 5,000 words or less, we want you to explore the impacts of a basic income on individual lives and on society at large.”

A tall order for a short story! Mine clocked in around 3,600 words and I tried to play around with a more experimental approach to the structure. I’m looking forward to seeing what the reviewers think of it.

This is one of those very specific calls for submission where if the story doesn’t make the cut, it can’t easily be repurposed elsewhere. If the contest passes on it I’ll be posting it here. I have a few other stories like that in my files, where they just don’t quite seem to fit anything except the specific call they were written for. Some of them might pop up here in the future as well.

More editing is ahead for me tomorrow; another submissions call ends at the last of the month. That’s Tuesday, so I need to get that story finalized, formatted, and submitted as well. More on that tomorrow!