Another Sub Day, and 2018 Plans

I sent another story off to a call for submissions today; the Strange Economics anthology. This story’s idea is one I’ve been batting around since a few years ago, when I worked at an economics think tank. It was fun to get a chance to apply that idea to a speculative fiction setting, so I’m very glad I came across this call and had a chance to set the story down.

I currently have a list of three more anthology calls to which I would like to submit stories, as well as a few magazine open submission periods that I plan to try for existing stories. After those are cleared off I think I might take a small break from actively hunting open calls in favor of working on ideas that have been sidelined, and on longer story forms. I have a good backlog of finished short stories that I can submit here and there as seems appropriate, but writing stories from raw ideas instead of shaping them to a specific call will be a nice change of pace.

I spent a chunk of this weekend making a round of edits and making outlines for revisions on a novel draft I originally wrote in 2008. Hopefully this will be the year that draft reaches some kind of conclusion! It’s been living on flash drives and external hard drives for a decade and I’d like to let it get some fresh air this year.