Five Things: Updates Edition

  1. Seasonal depression is a real bear. I haven’t been able to make myself write posts, beyond the monthly booklogs. Fortunately, I have been able to keep writing and working on various projects.
  2. This has included several short stories, both new ones and revising older ones for submission somewhere new. No sales recently, but the writing has been chugging along, which is good.
  3. I’m especially proud of the progress I’ve made on the mystery novel draft. In fact, I was able to prepare a sample from the draft, as well as associated documents, for Carina Press’s open call for unfinished manuscripts. I submitted the first 10k of the currently-38k draft. I’ve received helpful feedback from first readers on the draft and hope to complete the full draft manuscript by the end of the year.
  4. I also have notes and some tentative first pages on a post-modernday-civilization novel that’s sort of fantasy, sort of not. Writing something weird and difficult to classify feels comfortable right now.
  5. So much reading, so many wonderful books, and I always want more.

So my brain is still open, still working, still writing, even if for some reason blog posts aren’t what it wants to do. I’ll take it; better this way than vice versa.

I have a few more short-story submissions planned for the next month, and some rough plans for next year’s writing goals. More on those soon. But I’m pretty pleased with my 2018 overall.