A Nice Way to Wrap Up the Year

I’ll do a full year-end post soon, but just wanted to note that my story “The Death Edda” has been kept for further consideration at Abyss and Apex Magazine. That’s a nice email to get to round out the year, submissions-wise. Appreciate the little things!

November Booklog

  • Flights (Olga Tokarczuk)
  • There There (Tommy Orange)
  • Rumble Tumble (Joe R. Lansdale)
  • Aetherial Worlds (Tatyana Tolstaya)
  • Insurrecto (Gina Apostol)
  • The Woman Who Married a Bear (John Straley)

All fiction in November. Flights is a strange, semi-experimental book that’s not a novel but not short stories either, exactly; fragments that fit together into an abstract mosaic. I think if you stepped back far enough you’re supposed to be able to make out a whole picture, but I didn’t quite get there.

Aetherial Worlds and Insurrecto are both really strong and lingered in my head after reading; the former is a short story collection and the latter a novel.

The Straley book and the Lansdale book are both mysteries written by and with protagonists who are white men; I need to seek out some different mystery authors and protagonists, because I’m not getting as much as I want to out of making my way through the Lansdale series, and the Straley didn’t grab me enough to continue through that series at all. (Also the library doesn’t have any of the Straley books, which surprised me but I suppose is for the best.)

There There is a highly-recommended book and very well-written but I’m not sure I was in the right mindset to read it. I definitely didn’t get everything out of it that I feel like I should have.

Currently reading:

  • The Best Bad Things (Katrina Carrasco)

This is interesting! I’m only a little over 10% in, but we have a crossdressing Pinkerton-trained queer mixed-race lady detective in Washington Territory in the Olden Days. Interested to see where she goes.