Soft Sale + Conference

Two writing-related things in a day seems like a good reason to revive this poor neglected blog! Let’s get to it.

  1. Soft sale of a story I’ve been shopping since 2014, one of the first ones I submitted anywhere. I’m so excited that it’s finally found a home. More details once the contract is signed.
  2. Today I attended Conversations & Connections, a literary conference presented by Barrelhouse. It was a great, small, focused event. I attended a panel on research and another on shaping topics for personal essays, as well as the group reading by four authors whose most recent books were featured. That reading was fantastic across the board; information about the authors and books can be found here. I chose Coyote Songs┬áby Gabino Iglesias as the book got a copy of, and I can’t wait to read it. Review to come, hopefully.

Barrelhouse runs a fall conference as well, in Pittsburgh, and has summer writing camp retreats, which I hope I’ll be able to try out in the future.

More soon, I hope, including catching up on lists of books I’ve read. Gotta log those for my own reference at least!